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Re: Moothie/other names

I love hearing all these names for the harmonica. Especially those from 
England, Scotland, etc. I thought I had heard them all. Several years ago I 
compiled a list of several harmonica nicknames and published them in Harmonica 
Dispatch. I think I'll do it again and use the new ones I've learned here. A 
high school friend called the harmonica a "double respiratory lingua-phone".

Re: Moustaches
> I have gotten moustache hair caught in harmonicas many times and every
> time it's a real pain. <...del...>

Try a TOMBO Folk-Young chromatic. The slide assembly is so flat it will trim 
your mustache as you play. :-)

Are there any double decker (bass, chord) harmonica players out there? I've 
seen guys almost cry when they caught their mustache in the top deck while 
playing the bottom. Now this introduces a new problem - catching your beard in 
the bottom deck while playing the top.

I've often considered giving up the harmonica and taking up bagpipes. There 
are a lot of pluses to this.
	a) You wouldn't be ripping out facial hair anymore.
	b) You wouldn't have to hold a mic. or lug that amp around.
	c) You wouldn't be all that busy 'caus no one wants to hear it anyway.
		(kidding - I love to hear bagpipes)

As for me, I took the coward's way out and shaved off my mustache.

Jack Ely          ely.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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