Re: Moustaches & Harmonica

> I have gotten moustache hair caught in harmonicas many times and every
> time it's a real pain. My only solutions are keeping my moustache 
> trimmed and using airtight harps, i.e., avoiding the use of old
> harps where there a spaces between chamber comb and attached top & bottom
> mouthpieces (I hope I'm using the right names for harmonica parts). 

Yes, it's quite excrutiating isn't it?
I have one of those 5 pound (U.K money ) chromatics made in China, and
the little strip of white plastic on the mouth piece catches beard and
'tash hairs all the time un less I trim it.
Apart from that the harp is not bad for the money. (But not quite like
my 60 yr old 12 hole G honer chromatic :-)

Full marks to the person who raised the issue in the first place.
It's one of those things we hairy types suffer, but don't talk about, due
to being embarassed by it.

It must have given the ladies on the group something to laugh about though!

Do we have many female gob iron players here?
I hope so, it is an instrument which I feel they can play with without
loosing dignity  or grace.

No sexist remarks intended I assure you.


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