Blues Harmonica Trio

Is there any interest for Blues Harmonica accompanied by Bass and
Chord Harmonica.  During the years 1979 through 1984, I was part of
such a trio of harmonicas in the Youngstown, Ohio area.  The name of
the trio was KEEP ON HARPIN'....the name was a take off of the Charlie
McCoy song by the same name.  The members of the group were Dale "Pixie"
Ensign, blues harp;  Mike Sizer, chord; and myself on bass.  Our style
of playing was quite unique in that we studied the performances of many
great harp players and found our own sound.  Simply the fact that this
was a harmonica trio with a blues harp player instead of a chromatic
lead player was the first uniqueity.  But in addition to that, the
three of us had a strong admiration for Peter "Madcat" Ruth and mostly
sought his unique sound in both melody and accompanyment.  The toughest
part of trying to copy Madcat was the bass line.  At that same time,
Madcat was using Jason Buckaloe on the electric bass....the octave skips
were not too bad, but the slap bass was impossible to copy.

KEEP ON HARPIN' appeared at several of the S.P.A.H. international har-
monica conventions in Detroit as well as other regional harmonica player
gatherings in Columbus and Akron Ohio.

I am interested in talking with others who are interested in forming
such a musical ensemble, perhaps I can help in some way.


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