Harps and Bigfoot

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Just a short tale to break the monotony of all this email. My friend was recently backpacking in the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Northeastern Oregon with his 2
dogs. They were camped at 7500 feet, with 10,000+ ft mountains around them. He
decided to pull out his blues harp and to see how it sounded in all the silence.After playing abouot 20 seconds, the dogs began to howl along with him, which
they do naturally, but this time got off on this new resonant sound. Pretty
soon there were more howls (possibly wolves, but probably coyotes or dogs). Thiswent on for about 10 minutes and the resonance was wonderful. The next day they
hiked out and met two other groups of hikers on the way out. While talking aboutthe areas they had camped in, one group said that they had heard the strangest
sounds that night-if there was really a BIGFOOT, that was it. The other group
said that they heard "other-worldly" sounds and couldn't even guess what it
might have been.

Keep on harpin'

Chris Adams

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