Re: Update: The Harp-L Tape

You don't need to register original tunes with BMI or anybody else.  If
the author of the music (and/or words, if any) is concerned about losing
future financial benefit, then [s]he should merely include a note that
the [music|words] are copyrighted [date] by [person], and you should include
that information on a label, cover, or insert with the tapes you mail out.

Since the tape is not being sold for profit, I do not believe that ASCAP
or any other such organization can have any legitimate beef with any non-
original and non-public domain music or words.  They got their money when
the sheet music was sold, and this is *not* a commercial use of the material
by any stretch of the imagination.

[not a lawyer, nor do I play one on television; I just party with 'em]

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