Thoughts on the Harp-L Tape

A number of people have indicated that they are reluctant to submit their
stuff because it "isn't a quality recording."  Obviously, it is your decision
whether or not to submit, but I have no problem including stuff that isn't
necessarily "studio" quality.  Hell, if you wanna record your version of
"Juke" by sitting in front of a cheap boom box, I for one would dig hearing
it!  I just want to share what we all do.  I also would like to hear anyone
play regardless of their experience or "credentials."  I have no desire for
this tape to be any sort of "contest" to prove who's a "better" player. (Heh,
we can leave THAT attitude to the guitar players <grin>)  I imagine that just
about everyone who subscribes to this list has something cool to offer.

<stepping down from my soapbox>


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