Update: The Harp-L Tape

Replying to myself!  (Wasn't that a Jimmy Rogers song?)

In regard to the Harp-L tape, a number of people have reminded me of some of
the legal implications to "publishing" such a recording.  I still want to do
it, but have to ask each submitter to include a signed statement that he/she
is responsible for ALL rights issues involved in this venture.

Tim Moody wrote me:

> I would recommend to you, that you
> post a message something to the effect of:
> "All of your original tunes must
> be registered with BMI". It's protection for
> yourself, as well as the
> musicians.

I would appreciate help in this from anyone has the legal background to draft
a standard disclaimer form for me to distribute.

In the meantime, I would like to continue to accept submissions in the
expectation that we will be able to come up with a solution to the legal
problem and implement it before I actually release the tape.  I would really
HATE to see this project scrapped for legal reasons.  In other words, I
promise in good faith that I will treat your music with the legal respect it
deserves by NOT releasing it until we have solved this.

Take care....

Joe Terrasi

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