Questions about chromatic technique

	First, thanks to Winslow Y. for his answers about chromatic
models, and I'm still interested in any other reccomendations. Also,
Charlie Sawyer's word of caution about playing while driving is well
taken. I only drive with my knees on straight country roads where I can
see ahead 1/4 mile, only in daytime, never while a car passes in the
other direction, and certainly never in traffic. I urge others to be
equally careful.
	Ok, here's my technique question: when playing jazz or classical
on the chromatic harp, is it considered sloppy not to "ta" each note? I
mean, while drawing or blowing on the same hole, should one stop the air
while pressing or releasing the slide? (obviously this question doesn't
apply to trills.) And what about when blowing or drawing on adjacent holes
one after the next, is it better form to make a sharp attack on each
sucessive note, or is it merely a matter or what sound you want? In
general, will failure to "ta" notes (in jazz and classical chromatic) lead
to weak technique? 
	Thanks in advance for your considered reply.
Spence Pearson			 		       pearsone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
University of Colorado at Boulder		       ***********************

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