["Steven D. Levine" <drsoul@wam.umd.edu>: Re: Bill Dicey]

If I remember, Bill Dicey died of natural causes.  The "ALIVE"
magazine (Annapolis/DC/Baltimore area music newspaper) did a feature
article on him after his death and they had him on the cover.  I met 
Bill about 2 years ago when my band (and the Bill Dicey band) were both 
in a music scene showcase.  I got to speak to him awhile and he gave me 
his card.  I remember that he played the harp upside down--the harp, not 
Bill ;-).  I know his kids (who were in the Bill Dicey Band) still jam.

I've been looking for "Fools in Love" but never seem to be able to find it.  
I'm glad I got to see him jam.

				Carolyn Mayr

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