The Harp-L Tape 1

Ok...  I think I'm up for it.

It seems as though there is sufficient interest to put together a Harp-L
cassette tape.  I am willing to put the tape together and distribute it.  I
will accept tapes or CD's (sorry, no DAT) by US Mail until Jan 31, 1994.
Please indicate which track(s) from the tape is your "fave."

Please E-Mail me any info you would like included with the tape such as names
of other performers, etc.  That way I can capture the text to put it all
together.  Also, since we're all harp players (I suppose), please include any
performance or recording notes you think might be of interest to listeners.
This should definitely include info on your choice of harps and other
equipment, recording techniques, etc.  It could also include info such as
your thoughts on the piece or the approach you took.  It's up to you.  Oh
yeah, tell us what key the song is in and what position you're playing in.
We're all interested in learing from one another in addition to purely
enjoying the tape.  (Oh hell, let's face it, we want to steal each other's

I would like to include ALL the pieces I get so I can avoid any disputes or
hurt feelings.  Therefore, I will accept the first ninety minutes of music
THAT I RECEIVE.  Please be considerate and avoid pieces that are really long
if possible.  I think we should limit it to one tune per person unless we
have extra space to fill.  You can submit more than one song, but be sure to
number the songs on your submission in order of preference.

I will distribute the tapes for the same price that it costs me to make and
ship them (which shouldn't be much).

Lastly, I am not REAL protective about it, but I would prefer not to just
publish my home address on the list.  SO.... Please E-Mail me if you would
like to send a tape, and I will reply with my address.  Please include your
name, EMail address, and home mail address.

Joe Terrasi

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