Miking Amps.

  It looks like the next gig the band has coming up has a slightly
different setup than usual.  Instead of plugging directly into a PA
system, we're supposed to bring amps which they will mike up instead. 
Never having worked in a live situation this way, I was looking for some

  I did find a tube amp that I like quite a bit.  It's got two 8-inch
speakers, but I don't know how many watts (it mentions only that it is 60
cycles AC, 117 volts).  The name is also one I've never heard of, "Vinny
Roberts" and it's in an old-fashioned wooden case.  Anyway, this amp play
with a nice tone and when turned all the way up, is pretty loud in my
apartment.  The question is, will this amp be loud/good enough to be miked
at this gig? 

  I guess that it should, since the PA system will amplify the sound, but
I'm worried that the mike may not pick up enough signal, with all the
other powerful guitar amps around.  Also they might have to amp the signal
so much that I'll get loads of feedback.  If you guys say this system
won't work, I'll have to find a regular (bigger) guitar amp.  Thanks.


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