Re: Playing while driving

I also play while driving, although I don't drive that much. I've only
played diatonic thus far, but if I were to play Chromatic, I'd play
it one-handed. This isn't hard to do with an 8-hole Chrometta and perhaps
other smaller chromatics. I can't do fast button work this way, but I
can still manage on most tunes. I've used this one-hand style many times
while playing while walking and reading music, holding on to a music sheet
with the other hand (don't recommend this while driving!). In the car, I've
only played diatonic. I find it a great place to work on overblows and
overdraws. I first overdrew a harp while driving on I-5 North returning
from Sea-Tac Airport. A lot of screeching that I wouldn't subject my family
to. Concerning playing with both hands while driving, now that's really 
something!                          Yours,      ROB

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