Re: Kudos, Harmonica List Tape 1?

Todd Huss <thuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> I sure would like to hear some of you guys harp. Which makes me wonder
>> if there would be any interest in a project like Tape II from the
>> Acoustic Guitar List. It.s a compilation on cassette of submissions
>> from guitar players on the list. It can be had for about 3 bucks from
>> the guy who compiled the tapes sent to him; the submitters got it back
>> on their cassette for free. We could do the same thing with our list.
>> It.s an interesting concept. We could share licks and techniques,
>> original songs, interpretations, whatever. Might even snowball into
>> something bigger. Harmonica Tape I? Gimme feedback...
>> -Ted Allbritton
>> Allbrit_t%aplvax.span@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>	I think that's a great idea! I think we would have plenty of great
>submissions that would make up a great tape. It would also make the list
>more personal being able to hear some of the contributers play, because
>I'm sure there's definately lots of talent on this list!
>							-Todd

I agree with Todd, this is a Great idea!  There is so much talent on
this list that it would be a shame NOT to be able to share it.

BTW, sorry about taking so long to reply to this one...I've got a
little break between finals and I thought I'd try to catch up.


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