Answer to Richard's Harp-Mgr question....


My Sys-Admin changed a few of the things lately; such as the list
owner being Harp-Mgr and having that be an alias for me, which is the
prefered method for that sort of thing.

Anyway, I forwarded your message to him and here is what he said:

Chris Pierce <pierccm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>What's the deal with that?  Is that the way it is supposed to be?

His mailer is misconfigured.

>From:	MX%"HARP-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" 10-DEC-1993 13:42:42.06

See, yours is OK.

>Sender: Harp-Mgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Reply-To: HARP-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sounds like his is ignoring the Reply-To: and using the Sender:, which
it's not supposed to do.

There you go, the answer to your question.  Along with a very
informative SUBJECT line.  No wondering here what the message was
about.  =:)

On that note, I DO agree that it would be nice to have more
informative subject lines.  But remember, most people probably just
REPLY to the messages they get, which on many systems AUTOmatically
sets the subject line to RE: whatever it was before.

But it is a nice idea.  I'll try to do better about that myself.



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