Kudos, Harmonica List Tape 1?

Let me add my kudos for Jack, Winslow, Chris -who deserves high praise
for the trenchwork, and those equally valuable harpers who post only
occasionally and therefore don.t come immediately to mind. Even the
simpliest question or answer can give insight.

I sure would like to hear some of you guys harp. Which makes me wonder
if there would be any interest in a project like Tape II from the
Acoustic Guitar List. It.s a compilation on cassette of submissions
from guitar players on the list. It can be had for about 3 bucks from
the guy who compiled the tapes sent to him; the submitters got it back
on their cassette for free. We could do the same thing with our list.
It.s an interesting concept. We could share licks and techniques,
original songs, interpretations, whatever. Might even snowball into
something bigger. Harmonica Tape I? Gimme feedback...

-Ted Allbritton

-Everybody should believe in something. I believe I.ll have another

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