Re: Practice, Practice

Yes, Doug Jay. A dynamic harp player, primarily blues, with a twenty year
history. He was an East Coast player until 91(?) when he moved to San Fran..
Doug has a CD out called Until We Meet Again on his own label, Blue Jay. It
features some great harp work on several original cuts. We reviewed this CD
in Vol.2 No.10 issue of MississippiSaxophone. It also got a front page
review in one of the issues of American Harmonica Newsletter, I can look
that up if anyone likes. He is currently either getting ready to start or
has already left for a big Euro tour where he has a strong following. If I
can give you any more info, just ask. I don't have the address for Blue Jay
with me, but if anyone wants it, let me know.

Tim Moody

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