Re: Chords and Horns.

I assume that you are talking about the 10 hole diatonic harmonica.
There are several chords and chord types that you can play simply by
the combination of the holes that you draw.  BTW, when you blow, you
will only sound a tonic chord that is in the key of the harmonica.
Now for the draw chords.

Draw holes      Resultant chord
----------      ---------------------------------------------
123             V chord in the key of the harmonica
234             V chord in the key of the harmonica
2345            V7 (dominant) chord in the key of the harmonica
3456            vii half diminished chord...
4567            ii minor 7th chord.

So...if you are playing a C harmonica, when you blow any combination of
three holes, you will produce a C Major Triad.  However when you draw
holes 123 or 234, you get a G Major Triad.  Draw on holes 2345, you get
a dominant, or G7, chord.  Draw on holes 3456, you get B half diminished
chord.  Draw on holes 4567, and you get a D minor 7 chord.  There are a
more, but those are the basic ones that you will use to play chords on a
diatonic harp.

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