Subject Headings


Fellow harp'tists,
I subsribed to this list a few months ago, and as a nepohyte harp
player the information I found here has proven to be invaluable. But
the quality of any information can sometime be limited by the way it
has been labelled. For example, I find myself these days opening mail
items with the subject heading "Re: Practice, Practice" to find
questions and information about Mike Turk. This is but one example
amongst many. Careful use of subject heading could make this list
even more useful by allowing to spot the desired information at a
glance and its later retrieval (Like, a few months from now,"Where
are these postings on Mike Turk? Well of course under the "Re:
Pratice, Practice" heading".) Well, I don't want to harp too much
on this (I'm afraid I'm making kind of a bad first impression).
Keep up the good work!

Eric Francoeur

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