Chords and Horns.

  I wanted to ask people about a certain type of playing, which I don't
quite understand.  One of the guys in the rock band I'm in said that it would
be nice to hear the harmonica playing chords in the background in a
similar manner as keyboards are used in rock music.  I've also been
reading some interviews of harp players where they try to fit in with the
horn sections of bands, again playing chords.  (An excellent example of
this discussion is in the Dec. issue of American Harmonica Newsletter.)

  I know that chords are set up on the harmonica simply by playing three
holes at the same time, but is the same thing in a musical sense as what
the keyboard or horn section is doing?  I'm trying to understand the
stylistic aspect of this, and then how to achieve it with a harmonica. 
Thanks for the help.


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