Astatic JT30vc and NYC

 >>  ----------------some text deleted----------------------
 >>            I have a Shaker mic with a XLR connection which when I plugged
 >> directly into the XLR on the PA, I would get loads of radio interference
 >> and humming.
 >>  -----------------more stuff deleted---------------------
 >>   What seems to have solved the problem (although it sounds overly
 >> complicated) is I put the lo->hi guitar jack into an effects box (a Boss
 >> Metalizer) which I leave off.  From the effects box I have a guitar jack
 >> to a XLR cord which finally plugs into the PA board.  This gives me
 >> plenty of volume and the humming/interference dissappeared.

Shaker mics have a plastic housing and thus don't have the same grounding
characteristics as mics in grounded metal housings. The result can be hum. My
guess is that your effects box is grounded and takes care of that problem.

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