Re: Re: Astatic JT30vc and NYC

> Norbert Brunhuber writes:
>  ----------------some text deleted----------------------
>            I have a Shaker mic with a XLR connection which when I plugged
> directly into the XLR on the PA, I would get loads of radio interference
> and humming.
>  -----------------more stuff deleted---------------------
>   What seems to have solved the problem (although it sounds overly
> complicated) is I put the lo->hi guitar jack into an effects box (a Boss
> Metalizer) which I leave off.  From the effects box I have a guitar jack
> to a XLR cord which finally plugs into the PA board.  This gives me
> plenty of volume and the humming/interference dissappeared.  Can anyone
> explain this to me?
  ------------------my response------------------
I certainly may be wrong, but in my experience, getting a hum and or
picking up the radio is a sign of an open ground or lack of grounded
shielding in a mic cable.  The effects box probably has a shielded ground
and is handling things.  Check all of your cable connections at both ends
and make sure you have no broken connections.
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