Re: Astatic JT30vc and NYC

  I just had a similar experience as Nix, but exactly the opposite
situation.  I have a Shaker mic with a XLR connection which when I plugged
directly into the XLR on the PA, I would get loads of radio interference
and humming.  I tried putting a lo->hi converter on it, but plugging a
1/4" guitar jack into the board decreased my volume at least 10-fold.  I
think there's something wrong with the board though, because even if the
guitar players plugged in a guitar jack, their volumes were low. 

  What seems to have solved the problem (although it sounds overly
complicated) is I put the lo->hi guitar jack into an effects box (a Boss
Metalizer) which I leave off.  From the effects box I have a guitar jack
to a XLR cord which finally plugs into the PA board.  This gives me
plenty of volume and the humming/interference dissappeared.  Can anyone
explain this to me?


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