Astatic JT30vc and NYC

Thought I'd pass along a little frustration and a remedy.  Recently I
purchased a new JT30vc. Can't say that I like the sound alot but by hot
wiring in a vocal mike element from an old Shure PE585 it sound quite
rich.  The JT30vc is wired for a three prong mike cord hence I plugged it
into a mike jack on our P.A. for a wimpy volume.  But upon splicing a mike
three prong to an old guitar cable and plugging into the same P.A. the
volume from the mike increased more than 5-fold.  I think this has
something to do with using a high impedence mike (like the JT30 and Shure
PE585) through a low impedence input.  Hence use a 1/4inch jack input for
the new JT30's no matter what the mike jack looks like.  I wish some one
had clued me in on this for the band was getting rather annoyed at my
having to raise the volume on the P.A. and the inevidable hum to a nasty
level just to get a decent wail.

I'm in search of a decent amp and will be in NYC over the holidays.  Does
anyone know of a good source of used/ vintage amps in the NYC area?  Pawn
shops, music stores...?  I don't suppose John Popper/ Blues Traveler is
performing in NYC near the holidays?

Thanks, Nix

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