RE: Thumbs up to Jack Ely!

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    	Thank you for the kind remarks. No, I don't know if EASYREEDING is 
    specifically biannual. I just went by the Vol. 9 Issue 2 on the banner. 
    But it seems to me there have been more than two a year in the past. I 
    should have said periodic. Whatever it is, it's worth it.
    	Being a newsletter editor of sorts myself I too understand the problem 
    of getting stuff out on time - even when you have material. It's a lot of 
    work - ya' gotta love it to do it. We advertise 12 issues per year - but 
    not necessarily on time :-) My co-editor and I sent out 13 issues when we 
    took over the editor duties - just to catch up and to preserve the club 
    promise of an issue for each month. (now in our 18th year). Thanks for the 
    thumbs up - ditto and hats off to you for HIP and your informative 
    postings here.
    							Thanks again, Jack
    	Let me throw in a hearty thumbs up to Chris Pierce for creating and 
    managing this   G R r r e e a a t!   list.

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