RE: Thumbs up to Jack Ely!

Winslow Yerxa <76450.3230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>Thumbs up to Jack Ely!
>I've been plowing through the archives of the harp list lately,
>and I've been noticing what a wealth of good information Jack Ely
>has posted from time to time, usually in substantial chunks.

I must agree with Winslow.  Jack has been one of the greatest
contributors to the list from the very beginning (as well as several
others, but I don't want to start naming, lest we offend anyone who
could be unintentionally left out).

I think we are all greatful to Winslow as well.  An obvious wealth of
information and experience, in a short span of time Winslow has
contributed MUCH to the list!

Thanks to EVERYONE on the list.  If we didn't have readers as well as
contributors the list would not have been so successful.

Thanks to ALL!!!

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