Thumbs up to Jack Ely!

Thumbs up to Jack Ely!

I've been plowing through the archives of the harp list lately,
and I've been noticing what a wealth of good information Jack Ely
has posted from time to time, usually in substantial chunks.

His most recent, the one on Easy Reeding, prompted me to reflect
on this and write this note of appreciation.

By the way, Jack, is Easy Reeding specifically biannual? Whenever
I speak with Jack Kavoukian (the editor, also marketing director
for Hohner USA), we commiserate about how hard it is to get an
issue out, leading me to believe he has the same problem I do -
too little time to get the thing out more frequently.

Also, Tricia Smits, the Australian member of the editorial
committee, is putting out a quarterly in Australia, HARPOZ, that
shows promise.

WInslow Yerxa
Editor, HIP - the Harmonica Information Publication

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