Howard Levy video

 > I watched the Howard Levy instructional video last
 > night, and I was
 > amazed.
 > My question is, why (aside from the challenge) would
 > anyone want to
 > play the full chromatic scale on a diatonic harp?  Why
 > not just use a
 > chromatic harp and be done with it?
 > --steve

Because chromatics don't sound like diatonics. You can't replicate that punchy,
personal diatonic sound on a chromatic (nor can you replicate that mellow, full
sound of a chromatic on a diatonic). Of course, it is my steadfast belief that
there are no such things as overblows and that everyone's making them up. I've
been playing for 15 years, including seven years professionally (OK, part-time),
and I've never, ever, ever, ever been able to play one.

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