Re: Howard Levy video

> I watched the Howard Levy instructional video last night, and I was
> amazed.  I've been "playing at" the harp for about four years and I'm
> just a rank (very rank :-)) amateur, so the things Howard can do are
> incredible.
> My question is, why (aside from the challenge) would anyone want to
> play the full chromatic scale on a diatonic harp?  Why not just use a
> chromatic harp and be done with it?
> --steve
Good question.  The diatonic has a very different tone than the chromatic.
Also, you can bend notes on the diatonic for that bluesy feel.  When I
hear Levy play, I sometimes wonder why anyone would play chromatic.

HOWEVER, I've been playing for about as long as you have.  I am also rank.
(If only I would practice more!!)  The overblow and overdraw notes that
are required to play chromatically on diatonic are very difficult for me.
When I do hit one, the tone quality is less than pleasing.  So I also
play chromatic.  Besides, I can do things on chromatic, like play in
octaves using tongue blocking or play semi-tone warbles using the lever,
that I can't do on diatonic.  Even Howard the Great only uses some of those
"extra" notes on the diatonic as passing tones.


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