Harp anecdote

Attended the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony last weekend, in
Cooperstown, NY.  As part of the induction program, HOF members in
attendance were introduced (38 in all, a record turn-out).  As each
Hall of Famer was introduced, the MC related an interesting anecdote
concerning that person.  For Stan Musial, the MC related how Stan has
for years entertained at the HOF induction dinner with his harmonica
playing.  He then invited Stan up to the podium for a tune.  Stan was,
of course, carrying his harp, as he claims he always does, and led the
crowd (3,000 or so) in a simple rendition of "My Country, 'Tis of

No real point in relaying this story, other than as a fellow harmonica
player, it was nice to share something with a true baseball giant like
Stan "The Man".
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