harp amp

 In response to message from Charlies Sawyer re amps...

 Charlie, I noted you said you wanted to see how things
sound after you get "a proper harp mike." They *do* help
(so does the right amp), but here's a word of advice: no
amp and mike combination will create a sound you don't have.
That sounds obvious, but lots of harp players spend tons
of bucks and then can't figure out why they don't sound
like Little Walter. I know a guy here in DC who shows
up at blues jams with a pile of lovely equipment (a
Super Reverb, a couple of bullet mics, etc.) and
sounds like doggy doo. He's a good guy; he's just
trying to look for hardware solutions when he
should be practicing. (He also could stand to listen to
a lot more music, instead of trying to learn every note-
for-note solo through tab sheets, so he'd get a better
feel. But that's another story).

--Randy "Blowin' All Night" Lilleston

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