mics and valves and stuff

 In response to Ken Ficara...

 > I was in NYC yesterday and saw, in a junk store, what
 > looked to me like an original Astatic JT-30. It was
 > grey or silver, not green, and did not have an XLR
 > connection, instead it was just a screw-on thing
 > with the hot line in the middle and an outside ground.
 > Unfortunately the guy was askign $110 for it and there
 > was no way to test it. That being too much money for me,
 > I passed. Was that the real thing?

 Yes, afraid so. The Astatic JT-30s originally were made
for radio and PA (i.e., "Attention K-Mart shoppers!") use.
They have Amphenol screw-on connectors _ a common type of
cable conector at the time the mikes were built. Most were gray
with a chrome grill. Many harp players think they sound
better than the currently manufactured ones. The junk
dealer will be able to get his $110 if a harp player in
NYC finds out about it. That's in the proper current
range for such mics.
 Now, me...I've been keeping my eye on the Fidonet
ham radio flea market echo, and voila! I nabbed a late-1940s
JT-30 last week for the staggering sum of $25. At the same
time, I got a Turner 22X for the same price from the same
ham. This is a *way cool* looking mic with a wraparound
"Buck Rogers" crest. Can't wait to see how it sounds.

 > Also, does anyone know how long ago Hohner started
 > using plastic
 > valves and stopped using the leather ones?

A long time ago, I believe...possibly decades ago.

A note to all...if you're in the Washington DC area,
April 24 at the Grog and Tankard on Wisconsin Ave NW
in the Cathedral area. I'm the harp player in the 'Fabs.

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