Hello and amp Q's

Hello folks,
        I'm new to the board, been playing "seriously" for about a year
and have a rabid inclination to buy an amp.  Distortion,
chorus, reverb, and a decent sound are desired for under $300.  Any
suggestions?  Steve Baker's handbook mentions a Fender Super Reverb/ Twin
Reverb and some jargon about a Phantom power supply w/ effect units  which all
considerably exceed my grad stipend.  Have any of you tried a Rockman or
other hip shooters into a PA system?  Maybe peddles are the way to go with
a keyboard amp. Currently I use an old Shure high impedence vocal mike w/
volume control.
        In scanning the archives I failed to see any discussion on
concensus music notation.  I've transcribed several solo's (Walter's
Boogie, Rod Piazzie on Micheal Shocked, etc.)  It would be way hip to
start exchanging these beasts on the board.  Are there any published books on
"classic" harp solo's?
        Lastly, I cannot recomend more strongly a recent release by Buddy
Guy and Junior Wells "Alone and Acoustic" for aspiring blues harpests.
Simplicity at its best and you to can pick out what a Chicago blues master
is blowing.  Glad to here the Popper Speed Fungus hasn't infected everyone.

Later, Nix

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