Is it me?

Folks -
 Is anyone else annoyed by the fact that Hohner and Lee
Oskar have begun putting advertising all over their
harmonicas? Several Hohner models and all the Lee Oskars now
have advertising on the side of the comb that faces toward
the audience (Lee Oskar even puts a little trademark sign on
there]) and this all seems incredibly silly to me. Either
that, or perhaps I should ask for a kickback for advertising
their products for them (then again, the way I play
sometimes, this may not be such a good idea).

Also, a "Big River Harp" update: I was pretty big on these
new Hohners when I first purchased them, but I'm not as
much so now. They've been getting more shrill with playing,
and they're starting to wear out fairly quickly (they *do*
cost less than Marine Bands/Special 20s). Still a good
harp for the money - doesn't sound like a typical Hohner -
relatively bright and very, very loud (loudest diatonics
I've ever played). Still, when they go for good, they'll
probably get replaced with Lee Oskars. Oh, well....

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