Re: help

Dear Friends,

	I am conducting research for a paper on harmonicas and need to get
interviews with harmonica players.  If it would not be too much trouble,
I would like to ask you to answer some questions about diatonic vs.
chromatic harmonicas.   I need somewhat detailed answers and afterward
please give some of your background as a harmonica player.

1. What are the major differences between playing a chromatic and a diatonic?

2. Is one easier to play?

3. Is one easier to learn?

4. What advantages does the diatonic have?

5. What advantages does the chromatic have?

6. What disadvantages does the diatonic/chromatic have?

7. What is the average cost of each?

8.  Which is easier to maintain?

9. What sort of availability is there for parts or repair?

10. Which usually lasts longer? Why?

11. Which is the most versatile?

12. Which is best suited for which types of music?

13. Why do chromatic and diatonic players seem to dislike each other?

14.  Why do blues players typically play on diatonics and chromatics
yet classical music is only played on chromatics?

15. Please make any other comments you might have about the topic.

I do appreciate your time in helping my research.  If it were not for
none of the this would have been possible.

						David Pinzino
					Down Home Blues Harmonica Club

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