BHF '93 and such....

Well, I got my free copy of the Harmonica Dispatch by the Buckeye
State Harmonica Club yesterday.  Thanks Jack!

In the Newsletter it mentions the Buckeye Harmonica Festival 1993,
which is scheduled for April 2 and 3 in Columbus, Ohio.
Jack, could you tell us more about this (especially for those on the
list that did not get the newsletter).  What is the agenda,
activities, admission price, and anything else that you can think to

Ok.  A while back I mentioned the Chee-tohs(sp?) commercial and the
old Pilsbury commercial that both had harp in them.  George countered
by challenging us to find more.  Here you go George.  I've only found
a few, but with my class schedule I don't have a lot of time for tv
(plus they just put cable in only yesterday).

Here are some things with Harp playing in the opening, closing or when
it goes to a commercial (if it is not a commercial itself).
America's Funniest People, Rosanne (mentioned by myself before), a
Tumbleweed commercial, a Tropicana Twister commercial, a Toyota
commercial, and some show on USA which I caught after the title had
been shown (I was flipping and I stopped when I heard harp), it looked
like the typically crime solving show (like Hunter), with an American
Indian in the lead (I think).

Anyone else found anything?

Oh yea, one more thing.  Jack, in the newsletter there is a section
about Toots Thielmans.  In it, Toots is quoted as saying that the
blues harp is "the raunchiest instrument on earth" and the chromatic
is its "civilized brother".  Was this an attempt at humor?  Was this
an odd compliment?  Or was Toots a jerk with a bad attitude?  I think
most people on this list will agree that the blues harp is far from
raunchy.  If I have miss interpretted this statement please let me
know, but it sounds like an insult to a large part of the diatonic
harpists of this world.

Thanks all,


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