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Just for fun I compiled a list of the number of times each of the famous
Harpists appeared in our lists (as of Oct 28.) The 1/2 refers to one person
who specifically labled them "second tier."
This information is for enjoyment only and should not be the basis for any
actual wagering, ymmv.


Little Walter Jacobs    5
Sonny Boy Williamson I  5
James Cotton            4 1/2
Paul Butterfield        3 1/2
Big Walter Horton       3
Sonny Terry             3
Sonny Boy Williamson II
(Rice Miller)           3
Junior Wells            3
Howard Levy             2 1/2
John Mayall             2 1/2
Kim Wilson              2 1/2
Rick Estrin             2
Charlie Musslewhite     2
 (the vote here was split with one
  person spelling it Musselwhite and the
  other spelling it Musslewhite.)
Phil Wiggins            2
Carey Bell              1 1/2
Billy Bizor             1 1/2
John Popper             1 1/2

Also receiving votes...

William Clarke          1*
Adam Gussow             1
John Hammond            1
Paul Jones              1
Lazy Lester             1
Taj Mahal               1
Dave Morrison           1
Snooky Pryor            1
Sugar Blue              1
Toots Thielmann         1
Steve Winwood           1
Stevie Wonder           1
Billy Branch            1/2
Good Rockin' Charles    1/2
Lee Osker               1/2
Magic Dick              1/2
Dr. Ross                1/2
Zavula                  1/2

On the group I asked people who some good harpists were and
they listed three that none of our group listed: Little Village (is that a
person or a group?), Buddy Guy and Charlie McCoy.  No one listed Johnny
Puleo in either group...

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