First, let me apologize for the QUERY HARP-L post.  That was an
accident.  I could have sworn I sent that to LISTSERV.

Any way, I have just spent the last half hour running through the
archives.  WOW!!!  We have a bunch of stuff and the list has only been
around for about 20 days.

This is for people who wish to get any stuff they may have missed
(especially the new people).

As I said before, to subscribe, you send to "LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxx". 
To post to the list, send to "HARP-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxx".  Here is how to
receive the archives (stored copies of all letters posted to the

To receive ALL archives sent to this address:


and put in this line:


If you just want the archives from a certain month put this line in

	"SEND HARP-L.yyyy-mm"

where yyyy is the year (i.e. 1992) and mm is the month (i.e. 10).

For all purposes when sending to LISTSERV or ARCHIVES you should
delete your signature to avoid problems.

That's everything that I can think of right now.  If you have any
questions, let me know.



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