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>Also, you mentioed Sugar Blue. I've heard him as a session player on a
>lot of records -- the Stones of course and also a Dylan track and a
>few others, but never have heard him on his own. Any recommended

   Though he is a American citizen, Sugar Blue recorded his first (?) songs
n the suburbs of Paris (in fact only a few miles away from my home town !)
with some French musicians in the seventies. I have a CD by him called
'Sugar Blue, from Paris to Chicago' and I really love it. I'll post or
e-mail the exact references if anyone is interested. He really has his own
sound. After listening to the album, I could recognize him straight away on
the 'Some Girls' album by the Rolling Stones in 'Miss you'.

--- Pierre F. ROUBERTIES, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights ---

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