Re: Playing other than blues, and talk about positions

In a previous post, someone mentioned being disappointed on hearing
Toots Thielemans play.  I can understand that.  Toots has been playing
jazz harmonica since the forties, and has a style all his own.  He is
very highly regarded in jazz circles, but if you don't like jazz, you
probably won't like Toots.  His technique is masterful.  Nobody gets around
a chromatic better than Toots.  Personnally, although I love the way he
plays, I find his choice of material and arrangements sometimes tends
to be saccharine.
That "previous post" was me. I'll give him another listen. Are there
particular pieces of his thatyou would recommend? The one I have has lots
of whistling and singing on it and less Harp than I would like.


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