Re: 10 best

It's dangerous to call anyone the "inventor" of anything, because
there's always someone who says they did it first. So I said Walter
"defined" urban (amplified) blues harp. Snooky may well have invented
it, so may have a lot of people, but it was Walter who basically wrote
the book on how to play it. No one who plays through an amp is not
working out of his book. Snooky is one of the few people who could lay
claim to having played "his own" amplified harp, but his is not the
harp that brought the sound to the world. That was Walter.

I don't mean to make him sound like a god, but every once in a while
you just get someone who is simultaneously so talented, so popular,
and so influential that they can just singlehandedly move music
forward. Many times they are not the first or necessarily the be-all
and end-all best, they just ARE. Dylan. Miles. James Brown. Etc.

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