Re: Influential harp players.

My (blues-heavy) Top 10

1. Little Walter- genius. 'nuff said!

2. Rice Miller (SBWII) The William Blake of blues lyrics.  Oh yeah, he could
			blow too.

3. Charlie Musslewhite- I saw Charlie and James Cotton at the Chicago Bluesfest
			a couple years ago and it was NUTS!!!

4. James Cotton- The man did an incredible thing. He made it easier to deal with
		  the fact that Little Walter was gone.

5. Big Walter Horton- The Sun recording are nasty!!!

6. Sugar Blue-- Be-Bop harmonica with shades of blue\

7. John Lee Williamson (SBWI) Acoustic God

8. Junior Wells-- When he's bad he's terrible, but when he's good he's one of
		the best. When he and Buddy hook up it's women and children

9.  Paul Butterfield-- "Blues With a Feelin'"

10.  Adam Gussow-  From Satan and Adam. If u want to hear a musical whirlwind
		that is strikingly unique check theses guys out. They are
		Robert Johnson meets P-Funk meets Ministry.  Best Duke Ellington
		harp parts i have ever heard.

			Rob at UofI

					"Who wouldn't want to
					  sound like Little Walter?"\
						-- Buddy Guy

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