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> Date:          Fri, 23 Oct 1992 10:01:47 CDT
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> CHRIS PIERCE <pierccm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
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> Also, does anyone out there on our list play anything other than
> Blues.  Surely someone has to, other than the likely possiblity of
> Jack.

Well, I play whatever I can fit to my harp, which is a really mixed
bag.  Most of it isn't really suitable (or, more likely, requires a
bit more skill than I have as yet!), but it all sounds good round a
campfire and gets everyone singing.

I've just had a thought- what is everyone's favourite place to play?
For instance, Joe says he used to play in a couple of bands, but now
plays at home;  Carolyn also goes on stage but has a harp handy for
parties -  where do you *love* to play?  I can spend a few hours
getting really mellow on my back under the stars or sitting in my
window watching the town asleep- certainly I prefer to play at night.

Cheers for now


Simon Walsh        g92w5505@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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