Influential harp players.

I'm not sure I can come up with 10 harp players who have
influenced me, however, here is my list of favorite players
(in no particular order):

   1. Little Walter -- I love his sound.  I just
        wish I had the money for a bullet mike and
        an old tube amp so that I could try to
        duplicate his sound myself.

   2. Sonny Boy Williamson -- Is style is deceptively
        simple until you try to play it yourself.

   3. John Mayal -- If you don't have his album
        _The_Turning_Point_ go out and get it.
        I mean right now, I'll wait...

   4. Taj Mahal -- Actually, the only thing I
        have of his is _The_Best_of_Taj_Mahal_ .
        Any other Taj Mahal fans out there?

   5. Sonny Terry --  I don't care for his earlier stuff
        with Browinie McGhee (on guitar).  I have a disk
        of Sonny's with Johnny Winter and Willie Dixon
        called _Whoopin_ which is alot of fun.

   6. Paul Butterfield --

   7. James Cotton -- He may not be the greatest player
        to come along, however, he is fun to listen to.
        Especially all of his recordings with Muddy Waters.
        Cotton is the only famous harp player I've ever
        seen perform live.  I was very dissapointed, the
        sound was much to loud and poorly mixed.  Cotton
        seemed to spend more time hanging around than actually

Well I came up with 7 names.  Is there anybody I missed
whom I should definately check out?

Alan Heyd

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