Re: Speak up...

Well, as far as my favorite Harpists it is a short list, I have heard
too many.

Charlie Musslewhite,
Little Walter,

Yup, that's about it.  My roommate bought the Simpsons Sing the Blues
CD the other day, and one selection on it (Moanin' Lisa Blues) has
Harp in it by John Sebastian (I think that is right).  Anyway, his
name is familiar but I can't place him.  Has anyone else heard of him?

Also, I like the sound of the harp player in Tanya Tucker's song "Down
to my Last Tear Drop", can't remember his name but I'll check when I
get home.

<gmayhew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>Here's another quiz for the group.  Chris brought up the Pilsbury
>commercial.  How many other tv/radio theme songs, commercials, or
>programs with incidental music featuring harp can you think of?

If you really listen you can find harp in the Majority of the programs
and commercials on tv today.  I've been doing alot of that lately.  It
is surprising of how much is out there but it is just overlooked
because I was not thinking about the background music from a Pickle
commercial.  Here's one:  Rosanne -- every time they go to or come
from a commercial and are showing the outside of the house you here
the Harp  awailin'.

Like I said it's everywhere, take a listen at the commercials next
time you are watching the boob-tube.

Have fun and keep Harpin',


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