Re: Speak up...

On Thu, 22 Oct 1992, LUCKY wrote:
> -       Harp has become a bit dead of late, so it's time for everyone to
>         speak up.  I'll try and kick a bit of life into it by challenging
>         everyone to post a list of the top ten harp players ever.  So lets
>         hear from you all.-

For technical skill, Howard Levy and John Popper. For influencing me, John
Mayall. For being good, Sonny Terry, both Sonny Boy Williamsons, Kim Wilson
(I don't like the stuff on the T-Birds records, but I heard the band in
Berlin, and the man can blow), Pigpen, and, of course, Levy, Popper, and

I will change the topic to "Favorite Harpists." This way I'm immune to
flames. Oh well Momma don't 'low no flamin' round here...

My two favorites are:

Well i can't remember his name but he plays with Bella Fleck and the
Flecktones.  The other is John Wiggins of Cephus and Wiggins. I saw the
latter at the American Heritage awards here in DC a few years ago when they
gave the award to Cephus.  Two that were recommended to me that I found
disappointing were Toots Thielmann and Charlie McCoy.


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