10 best

Little Walter Jacobs -- who defined urban blues harp.
Sonny Terry -- he was Sonny Terry!
Sonny Boy Williamson I -- Walter wouldn't have been able to do it
without him.
Sonny Boy Williamson II -- Not only a great harp player but a great
songwriter as well.
Big Walter Horton -- no one played a boogie like he did
Phil Wiggins -- best young acoustic player in the business
Junior Wells -- HOODOO MAN BLUES confirms this
Paul Butterfield -- his timing, his improvisation, his power

Second tier...
Lee Oskar -- don't forget, before he made harps, he made records
Carey Bell
James Cotton
Billy Branch
Billy Bizor
Dr. Ross
Good Rockin Charles
John Popper
Magic Dick of the J. Geils Band
Kim Wilson
Whatsisname Levy of the Flecktones
John Mayall
John Hammond
Jimmy "Z" Zavula

I probably forgot some but the rest of you will probably remember
them. Why aren't there very many good women harp players that are
famous? The only one I can come up with is Big Mama Thorton.

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