Jack Ely 466-0458 <SYS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>              Greetings from the Buckeye State Harmonica Club, Inc.
>    I think this HARP-L mail is great! I figure it's time to get my feet wet
>    and introduce myself. My name is Jack Ely and I live in Columbus. I have
>    played (attempted) harmonica since I was nine, which was 47 years ago and
>    I'm still learning. The first 30 years I knew nothing or no-one. Then the
>    BSHC was founded by Richard I. Smith in 1976, I joined and my life
>    changed. I'm convinced harmonica players are the nicest bunch of people
>    in the world. Richard is a collector and has over 1,700 harmonicas in his
>    collection, he says he's still trying to find one he can play. ;-)

Hi Jack!  I'm Chris, I'm in Kentucky, so we are practically neighbors. 
FORTY-SEVEN YEARS!!!!!  That's great!  It seems like there are many
people on this list with ALOT of experience (which helps the newer
ones like me learn more).

>    A little info on BSHC. We meet every Wednesday evening for practice and
>    some jamming. Mostly chromatic (and a couple hard to find chord and bass
>    players) but we also have a Tuesday night meeting "Short Harp SIG" for
>    the diatonic players where I'm trying to learn diatonic with about 7 or 8
>    others. We try to cover all styles and not just dwell on the blues. In
>    reality we probably spend 90% of our time on blues because that's what
>    most of the instructional material is based on. When someone new shows up
>    we give them a quick lesson on "straight harp" and have a handout on the
>    subject which explains the "C" harp layout and how to play the "C" major
>    scale (using holes 4-7). Then we try to answer any questions they might
>    have. We use video tapes by Gindick, Levy, and Sebastian plus the
>    Cham-Ber Huang "Blues and all That Jazz" course. [all mentioned later].
>    The club purchased the Howard Levy video for our SIG from Homespun Tapes.
>    This is the best video we've seen. Howard is an excellent teacher, unlike
>    many professionals, he can do it and he can explain HOW it's done.

Sounds pretty cool.  You say you are learning to play diatonic . . .
does that mean you already know how to play Chromatic?  What sort of
things can you do with a Chromatic Harp (as opposed to a diatonic,

>    If anyone would like to receive a complimentary issue of our BSHC
>    newsletter "Harmonica Dispatch" let me know. I am co-editor of HD and we
>    are anxious to hear from anyone who may want to contribute articles,
>    educational material, or newsy items. The new editors want to make HD
>    more interesting and valuable to our readers. A full club membership in
>    BSHC is $10 per year and an associate membership or senior (55+) is $5
>    per year. Both include 12 annual issues of HD. Write to....
>     Harmonica Dispatch; Jack N. Ely; 1991 W. 3rd Ave.; Columbus, Ohio 43212
>                                                or send me mail via HARP-L

Yes, I would like a complimentary issue of the BSHC newsletter, you
can send it to the address on the bottom of this letter.  Thanks in

>    ***** I'm sorry about such a long posting but this board has got me
>    wired! I Haven't done a lick of work for three days. If you get tired of
>    my ramblin's flame me and I'll cut it down.

No complaints here.  This is great!  If you have a chance and know any
more harp players who have access to BITNET feel free to spread the
word about our little list here.

>                                                Jack N. Ely, BSHC
>        "If Music is the international language,
>                                then why not the harmonica to speak it?"


Thanks for the post Jack.  It seems like Jack has been on top of every
subject we have covered in the short life-span of our list.

Jack tell us a little more about you.  What styles of music do you
play and like the best?  What brand of Harps do you use?  Tell us more
about Chromatic harps. . .I think that most people on this list play

Jack's letter should keep many of us happy for a little while (however
long it takes to raise enough money for all the mail ordering that we
are about to do).  What do you think Simon?  Got enough names and
addresses on this one?   8-)

I love this stuff.

Thanks again to all,

Chris Pierce
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