Re: Things in general

Now that Chris mentions it, I do remember that Dough Boy commercial.
As I recall, the Dough Boy was playing his harp backwards--blowing
into the back of the thing.

I heard a story from Robert Jr. Lockwood, who lives here in Cleveland.
When Robert and Sonny Boy Williamson II were playing together, an
aspiring harp player asked to sit in with them.  Now, according to
Robert, Sonny Boy was so powerful you could hear him playing from a
mile away.  Anyway, Sonny Boy told the guy "I don't mind if you sit
in, but let me see your harp first, to make sure it's in tune."
The victim obediently handed over his instrument, and Sonny Boy
proceeded to play it HARD, sucking reeds right out of it and spitting
them on the floor.  Handing it back, he said "Man, you can't play
nuthin' with this harp!  Why don't you come back when you got one
that ain't all busted up."  Sonny Boy was a mean old man.

Believe it, or don't.


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