Things in general

Hello people,

Haven't heard anything from anyone lately so it has forced me to post
something when I don't have anything on mind to say.  Whatever I do
say could be strange, because I feel somewhat brain-dead (I've got an
Organic Chemistry Laboratory Mid-term today).

Anyway on to harpin'.

Has anyone seen the new Cheetos (sp?) commercial?  It has Chester
Cheetah playing a harp by the train tracks.  When a train full of
Cheetos comes by, he stops playing and starts talking.  While he is
talking he is tapping the harp on his knee and spit (alot of spit)
comes out of the harp.  This made me laugh.  I guess that tapping the
harp is a compulsive habit for other people also and not just me.

Speaking of Harp commercials, I remember one from a number of years
ago with the Pillsbury Dough Boy playing the harp, which was almost as
big as he was.  It was kind of neat.

O.k.  Has anyone out there other than George subscribed to any good
magazines with Harmonica in them.  George had posted the names and
addresses of several, but that is the only thing I heard about it.
I will probably subscribe to HIP myself, but I've got to get the money

Alright people, let's hear what you are thinking.


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