Re: Hello from Zimbabwe

- what is bending???  From what I've read so far, it's what
gives the harp its really distinctive sound, and it's the reason I
can't get mine to sound like the music I've heard - f'rnistance that
bit in Suicide Blonde by INXS
- does one bend all the time, or only at appropriate places in a song?
- is C ok to learn with?
- Anyone got any advice on any topic at all for me as a rank beginner?

Thanks a span!


Simon Walsh        g92w5505@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Newton thought he had it all figured out, and then along came Michael

                   |       ___
                   |     /  - \\
                   |     \____/ \\
                   | __________  \ \__
                   |  / XXXXXX    /    )
                   | /   XXXX    |_   /
                         XXXX      \__\
                                  //-- \

One way to bend in addition to all of the previous comments about going
eeeeeee ooooooooo and moving your tongue to the back of your mouth is to
tip the harp up towards your nose.
this helps

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